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There are no words to describe the hard work by Mr. Castelblanco and his associates. In the name of justice, they turn every stone to seek justice for the tenants and fight diligently only for tenants. If you are a tenant, there are laws to protect you from sub-standard conditions that can lead to unforeseeable health problems. If you are hesitant, just look at other honest reviews where they are satisfied and overjoyed with the outcomes. Just remember, every tenants are protected under law and Mr. Castelblanco and his associates are here to guide and fight for your rights!

Issy C.

Our landlord would never make repairs or fumigate! Only time he'd pop up was when rent was due. Most of the tenants joined forces and went to see Castelblanco Law Group. They were super nice, gave us supplies we needed FREE Of charge!! We paid nothing out of pocket and got a great settlement. I'd recommend Castelblanco Law Group to anyone living in poor conditions/neglect. Vanessa and Natalie always kept us up to date with meetings. I didn't have to hunt them down, overall a great experience!

Jessica G.

The Castelblanco Law group did a superb job at getting me the help I needed when my landlord tried to evict me for with holding rent because the landlord was not maintaining the property up to standards. When I moved in everything seemed just fine, and over the course of the year a stain developed in the ceiling and walls. The ceiling and walls became yellowed, warped and cracked. I tried to have the Landlord come look at the problem but there was always an excuse, and when he finally did look at it, he said it wasn't a big deal. So I with held the rent until they decided to fix it. Instead of fixing my walls they served me an eviction notice. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't in a spot where I could just pick up and move. The folks at the The Castelblanco Law group really helped me out. Eric and his staff were very professional, helpful, especially Juanita Guillen. She helped me with my case and always kept me in the loop of what was going on. We were able to settle my case in my favor. I can't thank them enough.

Chris J.

This guy knows what his doing! I would recomend him in a snap of fingers, and have. I had moved in to a building in 2008 and it was not in the best conditions. The building Manager at that time stated he would fix it all up before I moved in, though that never happened, even after numerous requests. The apartment was infested with bugs, and not to mention the condition of that apartment. My children were inhaling ashes from a previous fire in that unit, in which it was just mickey-mouse patched. There were rats in the building and the Managers were being sneaky about stuff. Long story short he got me all my year's worth of rent payments back and more, and my children got there share too. It was a very plesant experience to have met this law firm, and it's staff. Great lawyer, and the place is very welcoming. Don't trust my words...? Then give it a try and see for yourself.

M M.

Whoo! Talk about a quick recovery. The owner of this law firm called me back in less than 24 hours after I posted my review. Now that is someone interested in correcting any sort of problems.
To be clear from my initial review, I was seeking a free consultation, in no way did Castelblanco state that they offered free consultative services (hey, who doesn't like free stuff? I still stand behind my entire experience but Eric shared with me that they are a family business interested in helping the community. He was very shocked to hear that I had such a terrible experience and wanted to take it as a teaching moment for his staff.
I was honored to be a part of this teaching moment. He wanted my feedback to better his interactions with new clients. We had to have been on the phone for about 15 minutes. I told him the reason I really wanted to do business with his firm was due to all of the positive community work shown on his website. Eric Castelblanco prides himself on putting his LA community at the forefront of his practice. He has always wanted his practice to provide a safe, nurturing environment for tenants and he claims to never represent landlords as long as he's in practice.
He really saved the day here. While I did not go into business with Castelblanco Law Group, I will be happy to return in the future should a need arise.
Thanks for taking the time to correct the situation.

Mikey D.

Thank you Ms. Catalina Rodas! I am so impressed at how quickly the slumlord returned my deposit thanks to your prompt and efficient efforts. You are a true professional and God Bless the firm for providing me with services, I feel better knowing that for a very reasonable price I have your firm to help me if I run into future landlord/tenant problems.

Elan R.

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