When Is a Landlord Liable for Injury on Rental Property?

Picture of an arm in a sling

broken armIs Your Landlord Responsible for Your Injury?

What to Do If You’re Injured in a Rental Home

More people than ever are renting their homes rather than buying. However, renters have an equal expectation of safety in their home, regardless of who owns the property. So, when a tenant is injured on rental property due to landlord negligence, they may choose to take action. In order to hold a landlord responsible for premises liability, you must be able to prove all of the following:

As an example, if you broke an arm falling off your stairs due to a broken or missing handrail, you may be able to file a claim against the land owner if you can show that:

You may be able to file a claim against your landlord to cover your costs related to the injury, such as medical expenses, lost wages from being unable to work, pain and suffering, disability, etc. You may also be able to file a claim for any damage to personal property due to landlord negligence.

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