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Is Your Landlord Trying to Evict You?

A Los Angeles Wrongful Eviction Attorney From Our Firm Can Help You  

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If you are facing an eviction, you may be feeling overwhelmed. After all, you may have to suddenly uproot yourself and your family. Worse, your landlord or manager may try to intimidate you in order to make you feel helpless. Property owners often have vast resources available to them and will act as if you have no chance at fighting their eviction claim. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A Los Angeles wrongful eviction attorney from our firm can investigate your situation and highlight facts that support your claim.

At the Castelblanco Law Group, A Prof. Law Corp., we have been protecting tenant rights for decades. Our Los Angeles wrongful eviction lawyers know how to defend your rights and fight for fair treatment. We represent hard-working people who need to fight back against housing rights violations. If you or someone you know is facing a wrongful eviction, it is important to know that you have legal rights and options. We believe in setting a precedent for the future that can improve the relationship between landlords and tenants everywhere.

What Is a Wrongful Eviction in California?

Unfortunately, landlords and property managers are not always examples of unparalleled equality. Sometimes landlords or managers will wrongfully evict a tenant for various reasons. These situations can be challenging because, usually, people who face wrongful evictions are the most vulnerable. As a result, groups like minorities or economically disadvantaged households who need low-income housing, are habitually victimized. Generally, a wrongful eviction occurs when a landlord ignores California housing laws and tries to displace you from your home. Some factors that a Los Angeles wrongful eviction attorney at our firm will look for include:

Why Do I Need a Los Angeles Wrongful Eviction Attorney?

Relocating to a new home should be exciting. However, sometimes this displacement is forced, and you need to move due to factors outside your control. If you are being wrongfully evicted in Los Angeles, then you should contact a California wrongful eviction lawyer at our firm immediately — your rights are being violated. A good attorney can help protect your best interests and defend your rights as a tenant. Ultimately, our firm’s goal is to help tenants file and fight a wrongful eviction claim in order to pursue justice.

Some ways a wrongful eviction lawsuit can help include, but are not limited to:

Is Your Landlord Evicting You? Contact Our Firm for an Initial Consultation

Is your landlord pursuing an illegal self-help eviction? Do you feel overwhelmed by having to suddenly move out of your home? Are you unsure what your rights are or how to take on your landlord? Without a legal professional, landlords and managers can easily take advantage of a tenant. We believe that you have a right to fair treatment. For this reason, you should contact one of our attorneys. We can protect your best interests and mitigate risk.

At the Castelblanco Law Group, A Prof. Law Corp., we are serious about protecting tenants’ rights — that is our sole focus. Our firm exclusively practices housing discrimination law and represent only tenants, never landlords. Our entire staff works tirelessly to fight against discrimination, especially on behalf of those facing a wrongful or self-help eviction in California. Call Castelblanco Law Group, A Prof. Law Corp. at (213) 893-8881 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

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