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What Is Slum Housing?

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Photo of Slum Housing Attorneys “Slum housing” refers to substandard living conditions, particularly in rental units. California law provides clear protection to renters regarding the living conditions of rental units. Landlords have a legal duty to provide a place that is safe and secure. Your landlord must fix any problems with your rental unit that affect its habitability. Tenants have a duty to make certain repairs, but there are limits on a tenant’s responsibility. Since your landlord owns the property, he or she is responsible for maintaining the premises in safe, livable condition. It is wise to contact a renters rights attorney if you are unsure if you must make specific repairs, especially if your landlord told you that you are responsible for them. If you are living in substandard conditions and your landlord does not address the problem, then you have options and our slum housing attorneys can help.

Castelblanco Law Group, APLC has been protecting tenant rights for more than 20 years. Our renter’s rights attorneys have obtained several million dollar settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. We are here to help residents of California who believe their tenant rights were violated by their landlord. You do not have to accept living in unsafe or unsanitary conditions with our tenant rights attorneys on your side. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

What Are My Tenant Rights in California?

According to California law, your rental unit must be “habitable,” or fit for occupation. This means it must be not only structurally sound, but also sanitary and safe. It must also be in compliance with state and local codes for health and safety. Your landlord must make a rental unit fit to live in before renting you the unit. Then, your landlord must make any necessary repairs while you are living there if it becomes unfit.

In general, a rental unit must have all of the following in order to be livable:

Tenants are responsible for repairing any damage they cause or damage that is caused by pets, family members or guests. Additionally, in order to make a claim against your landlord for providing slum housing, you must first notify him or her of the problems. Landlords might not be liable for poor housing conditions if they do not know that a rental unit is unfit to live in. Therefore, you should give notice in writing and keep a copy of both the notice and any response. If you need assistance with this process, then contact our office and we may be able to help you send proper notices.

What Makes a Rental Unit Uninhabitable?

Many issues with a rental unit may make it uninhabitable. A dwelling may be deemed unlivable if there are lead hazards that put the occupants or public in danger. Structural hazards or other health and safety issues may also make the property unfit to live in.

Examples of other issues that may make a rental unit unlivable include:

The landlord does have a reasonable time to fix a problem with a rental unit after they are notified by the tenant. This reasonable amount of time is generally 30 days. However, the time can be shorter depending on the issue. Problems that are immediate, such as a clogged main sewer line, should be addressed in a matter of days.

Additionally, a rental unit will not be deemed unlivable just because it is not in perfect condition. Minor code violations do not affect livability either. If you have concerns about your living conditions, then our slum housing attorneys can evaluate your circumstances and advise you on how to proceed.

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Castelblanco Law Group, APLC is a California renters rights law firm. We have been representing renters for more than 20 years. Contact our office at (213) 893-8881 if you believe the conditions of your rental unit make it unlivable. We can and will help.

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