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What Is Premises Liability?

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Premises liability laws hold landlords, owners and occupiers accountable for failure to maintain their land and structures when a dangerous condition results in injury to someone that comes onto the land. Owners and landlords have a legal duty to inspect their rental units before leasing them. While a tenant occupies a unit, landlords are required to periodically inspect common areas under their control. Common areas may include entryways, stairways, hallways, common laundry rooms, elevators and parking structures. Then, the owner must take steps to correct and/or warn visitors of any dangerous condition. If a property owner fails to take all reasonable steps to prevent injury, then injury victims may be entitled to compensation through a premises liability lawsuit.

Castelblanco Law Group, APLC has been protecting the rights of individuals injured due to the negligence of landlords for more than two decades. Our premises liability attorneys have obtained settlements and verdicts in excess of a $1 million on behalf of renters. We are here to help people who have been injured at California rental properties. You do not have to bear the expense of an injury caused by unsafe conditions in your rental property; our attorneys can fight to enforce your right to fair compensation.

When Are Landlords Responsible for Dangerous Conditions?

Generally, landlords are generally liable for failing to make safe common areas, failing to warn of known hidden dangers, or making safe the interior of furnished short-term rental units. However, landlords are not usually liable for injuries sustained by tenants and visitors inside of a rental unit. As a tenant, you are typically responsible for what happens inside your own rental unit, such as an apartment. The only exception being when a landlord makes a repair and faulty workmanship causes an injury.

Common hazards that can lead to injuries for which a landlord may be liable include:

If any of these conditions caused an accident that harmed you or a loved one, then you may be able to file a claim against your landlord and/or the property owner. Our landlord liability attorneys will evaluate the particular circumstances of your injuries and determine whether you have grounds for a premises liability claim.

What Is a Landlord’s Duty of Care to Residents?

A landlord can be held accountable for an injury that occurs on a rental property when the landlord or property manager is negligent in maintaining the property and that negligence caused the injury.

Your and your attorney must demonstrate the following for a landlord to be liable for an injury on the premises:

The injured party can file a premises liability lawsuit or make claim against a landlord’s insurance company. The claim for damages can include pain and other physical suffering, permanent physical disability and disfigurement, medical bills, emotional distress, and lost earnings. You can also make a claim for damage to personal property. This includes such as items lost in a fire due to a dangerous electrical.

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