Practice Areas

Practice Areas

We represent tenants living in substandard housing. Our goal is to make building owners and managers respect your rights as tenants, regardless of race or legal status, by upholding their responsibility to provide you with safe and healthy homes.

We have helped hundreds of clients improve their living conditions. We obtain economic compensation for your emotional, physical, and property damages.

If you live with any of the following:

…then you’re not getting what you’re paying for, and your landlord is responsible for not maintaining the property as required by law.

Our Areas of Practice Include:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Housing Law

1. I am not in this country legally; do I have the right to sue?

Yes, everyone has the right to live in healthy and habitable conditions, regardless of legal status.

2. Can I get evicted for suing my landlord?

No, retaliatory evictions are illegal, and we will defend you against them.

3. Do I have to be on the lease to claim damages for my living conditions?

No, you just have to live in the apartment.

4. If I don’t have money to pay an attorney, how can I afford a lawsuit?

If we don’t prevail, we don’t charge!

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