Additional Tenant Rent Increases

Posted on: February 6, 2019 by Castelblanco Law Group, APLC
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For those buildings and residential units that are protected by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance of Los Angeles (“RSO”), a landlord may have the right to raise the rent for additional tenants within the units. This article will explain to you when such rent increases are applicable to additional tenants. These requirements will help you understand whether you may be subject to those charges.

  1. What is an Additional Tenant? Any tenant joining the occupants of the rental unit which results in an increase in the number of tenants existing at the inception of the tenancy. A guest is not considered an additional tenant until they have lived in the unit for 30 or more consecutive days.
  2. How Much Can the Rent be Increased for an Additional Tenant? Landlords may increase the rent by 10% for each additional tenant. Landlords are required by the California Civil Code to give a 30-day written notice for all rent increases. However, if the rent is increased more than 10% in a twelve month period, a 60-day written notice must be provided to the tenant.
  3. When Can the Rent Increase be Applied? The landlord may increase the rent only after the additional tenant has resided in the unit for at least thirty days. Landlords are required by State law to give a written 30-day notice for all rent increases.
  4. Are There Exemptions? Yes. The rent may not be increased for the first minor dependent child (multiple births are considered as one child) added to the unit after December 8, 1990. A minor dependent child must be under age 18 and may be a natural child or an adopted child or a stepchild of an existing tenant of record; or a child placed for adoption or a foster child placed by an authorized placement agency or by order of the Court with an existing tenant of record. Additionally, no additional rent increase is allowed for minor dependent children already residing in the unit before December 8, 1990.

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