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At Castelblanco Law Group, APLC, we fight to protect tenant rights. We concentrate our practice exclusively in Housing Law. We primarily represent tenants who live in substandard living conditions.

Since the founding of the firm in 1995, we have represented thousands of tenants in actions filed against landlords for a variety of grievances related to unsanitary or unsafe conditions. Our representation has successfully secured numerous multi-million dollar awards from irresponsible landlords.

The state of California guarantees everyone the right to live in safe, secure housing without threat of discrimination or persecution. Castelblanco Law Group, APLC is here to help any resident of California who feels that their rights were violated by their landlord. We devote our entire practice to helping tenants – never landlords. With our team of lawyers by your side you will never have to accept living in unsafe or unsanitary conditions again. We will fight to help you be awarded the most compensation possible from your landlord for violating your rights.

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Our goal is to make building owners and managers respect your rights as tenants, regardless of race or legal status,
by upholding their responsibility to provide you with safe and healthy homes.

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There are no words to describe the hard work by Mr. Castelblanco and his associates. In the name of justice, they turn every stone to seek justice for the tenants and fight diligently only for tenants. If you are a tenant, there are laws to protect you from sub-standard conditions that can lead to unforeseeable health problems. If you are hesitant, just look at other honest reviews where they are satisfied and overjoyed with the outcomes. Just remember, every tenants are protected under law and Mr. Castelblanco and his associates are here to guide and fight for your rights!

Issy C.

Our landlord would never make repairs or fumigate! Only time he'd pop up was when rent was due. Most of the tenants joined forces and went to see Castelblanco Law Group. They were super nice, gave us supplies we needed FREE Of charge!! We paid nothing out of pocket and got a great settlement. I'd recommend Castelblanco Law Group to anyone living in poor conditions/neglect. Vanessa and Natalie always kept us up to date with meetings. I didn't have to hunt them down, overall a great experience!

Jessica G.

Thank you Ms. Catalina Rodas! I am so impressed at how quickly the slumlord returned my deposit thanks to your prompt and efficient efforts. You are a true professional and God Bless the firm for providing me with services, I feel better knowing that for a very reasonable price I have your firm to help me if I run into future landlord/tenant problems.

Elan R.
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